Frequently Asked Questions

How do they work?

Refer to the dimension/fitting table.

How well do they work?

AutoSock is more effective than winter tires and are also more effective than snow chains in certain situations. They have been tested and formally approved by several leading car manufactures, and TœV SœD in Germany. Autosock can be mounted on summer tires
and winter tires (with or without studs).

What sort of conditions can I use them in?

They will improve traction on snowy or icy surfaces. It is recommended that you take them off when you get back to road conditions where no snow or ice is present, e.g. dry asphalt. During the approval test by TÜV, AutoSock passed the distance and durability requirement of the snow chain norm (–Norm 5117).  Nevertheless asphalt & concrete driving is not recommended as it increases fabric wear considerably.

What’s it like, driving with AutoSock?

AutoSock does not have the loud rattling and the bumpy ride which you associate with snow chains. Because there is no danger of damage to the vehicle structure they are approved for speeds up to 30mph, 50km/h; nevertheless your speed should of course be appropriate to the weather and road conditions.

If my car has ABS, can I use AutoSock?

Yes, AutoSock can be used with all electronics safety systems such as; ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS. In difference to other traditional friction equipment, AutoSock improves the performance of the electronic safety systems as such.

If my car is a four-wheel drive can I use AutoSock?

Yes, you should use it on the front axle.

On which tires should I use it?

AutoSock should be fitted to the driving wheels. For more information check mounting instructions.

Which AutoSock size fits my tire?

Refer to the dimension table.

Does the vehicle have to be jacked up to fit AutoSock?

No, just stop your car and engage the handbrake. Make sure the car is not in a slope during fitting. Pull the AutoSock over the driving tires and downwards as far as possible, and then move the vehicle approx. 1m, to pull the remainder into position. AutoSock will automatically become centered when you start driving. If you are stuck, do as above, but then make a small wheel spin instead of moving the car. For more info, check mounting instructions.

What about when I take them off?

They’re likely to be wet and probably dirty. Put them back in their storage bag – gloves are provided. When you get home, dry them and shake the dirt out, and then remember to put them back in the car for the next time!  They are machine washable.

Can I use my AutoSock to fit a different vehicle wheel size?

Yes, this is no problem if the AutoSock you have match the tire sizes of your other vehicle. To find the right tire size click here.

How many pairs do you get with a pack of AutoSock?

You get one pair, which is to be mounted on the driving wheels.

If my car has limited space between the wheel and the mechanical parts can I use AutoSock?

Yes, AutoSock works even with vehicles which have low clearance between the tire and the body and between the tire and the suspension.

Can I use AutoSock on roads where snow chains are required?

In the U.S., most states do not regulate traction devices for cars and SUVs. Currently, Colorado has approved AutoSock for Semi-truck uses when snow chains are required in addition to many other states.

 Who is using AutoSock?

80,000 lbs commercial trucks/semis operating on I-70, the U.S. Postal Service, and passenger cars & light trucks.


What is the best way to maximize the life of my AutoSocks?

Check out our TipsEffectiveness11_15_14 to ensure the best performance and lifespan of your AutoSocks.


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