California and Washington now approve AutoSock for use as an alternative traction device to tire chains for cars and trucks.  You can shop for them and your size online.  The details on the approval by Washington are listed at the website link California’s approval notice is on the attached bulletin from the California DOT and alternative traction devices are now accepted (see pdf).  Visit Caltrans website for further details at

AutoSock has been approved in Colorado for over three years.  AutoSock is the easy to use textile cover designed to help vehicles get traction on snow and ice.  It is the only supplier of traction solutions to thirteen car manufactures in Europe and Asia.  Over two million pairs have been sold worldwide.  Additionally, AutoSock has now released the use of the product for commercial buses.  Shop Now!

Washington State Patrol website comments:

“I can’t use regular cable chains because there’s not enough clearance in the wheel well. What other approved traction devices can I use?”

It is recommended you consult the vehicle owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer suggests.  The following alternative traction devices are certified by their manufacturer as meeting or exceeding chain requirements in accordance with WAC 204-24-035 and are therefore considered approved for use when “Chains Required” signs are posted:

  • For passenger cars the following alternative traction device is approved: AutoSock
  • For vehicles or vehicle combinations over 10,000 pounds:
  1. With five or less axles: AutoSock
  2. With six or more axles: No alternative traction device has been certified by a manufacture as meeting the requirements for approval.